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Mason Mount Haircut

Since the Euro 2020 competition, we have all got familiar with the Mason Mount haircut. Mount is a talented young footballer who also plays regularly for Chelsea, but he’s also a trendsetter when it comes to hair styling.

He has some amazing hairstyles and if you want base your next hairstyle on his, you have to get the Mason Mount Haircut first.


Before we get to finishing product options, the Hairbond Wonder Primer spray is a must have for anybody wanting the best final results (especially of you go for the longer Mason Mount hair style). Due to the amount of benefits this type of product offers, it can be known as many things, (multi-benefit spray, heat protector, colour enhancer, split end reducer, conditioning spray etc) but in this instance we will call it our pre-styler. Let’s learn how to use it..

You wouldn’t build a house without putting down the foundations first.. right?

Three steps of pre-styling

  • Whilst your hair is towel dry from washing, pump a couple of doses of the Hairbond Wonder into your hands. Distribute evenly with a brush or a comb.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow dry the product evenly through your hair. The results are softening. The more unruly your hair is to begin with, the more this product will tame it.
  • Once you’ve got all the control and the shape you want, it’s time to pick a finishing product..

When we last spoke to Mason’s barber, he told us Mount was going to be growing it out and had given him both the Hairbond Gripper Pomade and Moulder Shaper to finish his style with.

Chelsea’s Billy Gilmour on loan at Norwich City.

As the preferred hair styling brand for professional footballers we are proud to be supported and endorsed by professional football stars including Mount’s Chelsea team mate Billy Gilmour, Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward Prowse and a list of strikers including Jamie Vardy.

Mason Mount definitely has one of the coolest on trend hairstyles in the English Premier League right now. His classic shorter haircut leaves him looking clean-cut but a bit edgy at the same time.

Mason Mount Haircut

mason mount haircut barbers

Mason Mount’s haircut hasn’t changed much since we got to know him as a Chelsea youngster. We only notice when he’s styled his hair slightly differently. Other than that it doesn’t really change.

The hair on top gets shorter the further back you go. The fringe can be either a messy quiff or well styled finish. The best thing about it? Low maintainance!What do you ask your barber for?

Ask them for a textured classic quiff with a mid-level fade on the way up. Make sure you mention Mason Mount at the same time, and show them a photo if they give you a confused look in return.What product should you use to look like Mason Mount?

Look no further than the Hairbond Moulder if your hair type is close to that of Mount. This matte wax gives your hair texture, hold and whilst it’s styled, a very natural finish. It will work if you have either the short or longer Mason Mount haircut.

With a fresh apple and pineapple fragrance this product will keep your hair mildly sweet and fresh and it is also perfect for volumising all hair types.