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John Stones Haircut | Hairbond

Over the past few years John Stones has certainly become a national treasure.

A key defender in the current England squad whilst an important character within the Manchester City team. A side that has gone on to win more trophies than we can count.

Today we focus on the John Stones haircut and how you could recreate the John Stones look for yourself. Not forgetting the use of our world famous hair styling products which happen to be loved by footballers all over the planet.

Asking your barber for the John Stones hair cut

john stones haircut low fade

Apart from the back and sides, the John Stones haircut is rather messy with a lot of texture on the top.

Ask your barber to add texture to the top first, as John Stones has a naturally wavy, hairtype. If you have straighter hair, you’ll want your barber to add texture so you can replicate this.  The haircut is known to barbers as a low fade or a low taper fade. If you think fading to the bone is too extreme ask your barber to consider starting with either a number one or number two grade and keep it at its shortest both in front and behind the ear.  Stones often wears the top down with a fringe or sometimes it’s pushed sllightly back and over to one side from the front. Give your barber the idea you have and they can cut accordingly so styling is made easier for you at home.  If you’ve naturally got curly hair, we recommend that you keep all the natural volume and stick to a matte finisher.

For this more curly and volumising hair do we recommend using the Hairbond SuperIf you have a thinner hair type and you’re looking to replicate the haircut rather than the hair type, we recommend trying any of our popular hairstyling products to finish your final style.

We are fortunate enough to be able to brag about the fact that our products have been used and endorsed by England players over the years. England past and present players include Michael Owen, Phil Jones, Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Harry Winks, James Ward-Prowse, Fraser Forster and many more.. not forgetting Jamie Vardy of course..