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Hugh Jackman Hair | Hairbond

If you’re looking to achieve the iconic Hugh Jackman hair style, you’ll be glad to hear that we teamed up with celebrity red carpet hairstyling guru, Dean Banowetz AKA the Hollywood Hair Guy, who will go through what you are going to need for you to get that perfect Hugh Jackman hairstyle.

First, Dean explained the haircut procedure, then the hairstyling technique.

Hugh Jackman Haircut

“First step, make sure your hair is long enough before you visit your trusted barber/hairdresser and then request a scissor cut for the back and sides of your hair (no clippers) leaving it around an inch in length and just resting nicely on top of your ears. This is a hairstyle for those who have naturally straight hair. If you have thick or hard to manage hair you’re going to need some serious commitment to ironing out every curl before you style.

If I were you I would also take a photo of Hugh Jackman to show your stylist the exact style you’re aiming for, so you can both share the same vision of the haircut. 

Then for the top, have your barber take a section of hair from the middle of the top of your head and cut it to about 2.5″. This section will act as a guide for the rest of your hair, so it will be cut equally.”

Hugh Jackman hair

What products to use to style the Hugh Jackman hair style

“After your haircut is complete, it’s now time to pre-style with the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray 120ml.

Apply a few squirts first into your hands and then equally distribute to cover as many hairs on your head as possible. Now you’re ready to blow dry your hair, using a medium heat and a brush for control, move from left to right. This will give your hair extra volume and you will have built the foundations to this iconic Hollywood style. 

When your hair is completely dry,  now you’re ready for a finishing product. 

To achieve the Hugh Jackman hair style which has a strong matte look, I would go for the Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre. This one is a strong holding hair styling clay and bonus – it smells like berries!

Here’s a quick tip.. Warm a small amount of the Super Fibre in your hands first, (hold strength 5/5) this will make for an easier application, as you will need to be focusing on the roots and working your way towards the tips. This will give your hair a textured, dry, natural look that will last all day.

Lastly, use your fingers, creating a stylish yet effortless appearance to get every hair where you want it, and Voila!” 

hugh jackman hair style hairbond super

You can purchase Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre and other men’s grooming products online or in person at various professional barbershops and retailers.