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Ryan Gosling | Hairbond

 The Ryan Gosling hair style has never gone out of fashion and today we want some questions answered!

That’s why we have teamed up with hairstyling master Dean Banowetz AKA the Hollywood Hair Guy with a complete guide on how to achieve the Hollywood hairstyle you’re going mad for.

First we will look at how to ask your barber for the Ryan Gosling hair cut and then how and what products are needed to style your hair like him.

Red carpet Hollywood hairstylist Dean Banowetz explains,

“If you want to achieve the well groomed, classic Ryan Gosling style, ask for a medium length scissor cut through the back and sides of the hair, and leave the fringe only slightly longer. 

For the La La Land movie hairstyle, you’ll want to grow the regular haircut out longer, but ask your barber to tidy things up around your neck and ears to stay tidy. Again just scissor work (no clippers!)”

Styling the Ryan Gosling Hair Style

“Once you have the right lengths and weight to your haircut, it’s important to note Ryan doesn’t generally wear his hair over his forehead. In most cases the hair style is under control, either with a side parting, or styled in another classical manner. Apart from when it is longer (La la Land) and thicker, we see he loses a lot of styling control and we start to notice strands falling from the fringe. 

Also anybody with a natural cowlick at the front of their hair might also be looking at the Ryan Gosling hairstyle for inspiration. This hairstyle works well with most hair types, but particularly mid to fine straight hair.

The styling process is easy. First pickup the Hairbond Wonder Primer Spray 120ml. No matter which variation of the Gosling hairstyle you’re going for, this will make all the difference. 

Squirt a few pumps into one hand, cover both hands and start to evenly distribute around all sides of the head. Grab a comb and begin to the Ryan Gosling shape you’re going for, to the hair.

Ryan gosling hair

If you want a shorter classical slick style I would suggest keeping the hair damp and using the Hairbond Gripper Professional Hair Pomade 100ml to keep that high shine classical look. Prefer a modern matte finish on the shorter length style? Use a hairdryer on a medium heat to blow dry the Wonder product in til dry, before applying a small amount of Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay 100ml for texture and shape. If you’ve gone for the longer Ryan Gosling look, you’ll need something stronger to stop or encourage hair to fall over the forehead, I would recommend upgrading to the Super Fibre Professional Hair Fibre 100ml.”


All Hairbond products is water based, so they wash out easily, but still keep your style looking natural all day without stiffness. Visit Hairbond United Kingdom today and let our products help you achieve the Hollywood hairstyle of your dreams.