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Ryan Reynolds Hair| Hairbond

Today our special guest, Hollywood hair stylist extraordinaire, Dean Banowetz, who is a renowned Hollywood hair stylist known for his work with some of America’s biggest celebrities, will be sharing his expertise on how to achieve the iconic Ryan Reynolds hair style using his favourite hair styling products of choice.

“Hi guys! As you know Ryan Reynolds is known for his effortless and a rather suave hairstyle that exudes confidence and masculinity. With the right products and techniques, you too can achieve his iconic look.

If you have thick, course hair and a recipe for stubborn cowlicks, then the Ryan Reynolds hair style is perfect for you. This haircut is tightly tapered and not faded on the sides and back. Leaving it longer on top allows you to wear it casually messed-up, parted on either side, or straight, like Reynolds himself.

Firstly, ask your barber for a scissor cut with a short back and sides, leaving the top longer (remember no fade). This will give you the foundation for Ryan’s signature swept-back style. Don’t forget to show your barber what you have in mind with a picture if possible, to inspire them.

Now your cut is complete, it’s time to lay down the foundations. Apply a few squirts of Wonder Primer Spray and begin to distribute throughout damp hair. This can be freshly washed, or if you’re styling later in the day, use a wet comb first to make your hair easier to manage.

This spray will also protect your hair from heat styling, if you’re going to choose to use a hair dryer to add volume in your Ryan Reynolds quiff.

Ryan reynolds hair

For the messy Ryan Reynolds look, swipe a smear (less is more) of Hairbond Super Professional Hair Fibre onto your fingers and then go wild ruffling throughout bone dry hair. After, redirect individual pieces as you like.

For a side part, instead apply the Hairbond Distorter (medium hold), and use a comb to lock it in place.

Struggling to nail a clean parting? Here’s my trick: Place your index finger along where you want the part to be, and use your other hand to comb away from that finger. To get the straight look that Reynolds commonly wears, grab a blow dryer and use your fingers as a comb to pull your hair up. When finished drying, apply a small amount of Hairbond Super while once again pulling the strands up with your fingers

If you’re looking to create a more edgy and textured look, Hairbond’s Distorter Professional Hair Clay 100ml is the perfect product for you. This lightweight clay provides a medium hold, still allowing for flexibility, making it perfect for creating messy, textured styles. Simply apply to dry hair and work through with your fingers to create your desired look.

Whether you’re going for a classic or edgy look, Hairbond has the perfect products to help you achieve your desired style. With a little help from Hairbond and my expert advice, you’ll be able to rock Ryan Reynolds’ iconic hairstyles with confidence and ease.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more hair styling tips and tricks from me, Dean Banowetz, your go-to celebrity hair styling guru based in LA.”