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Unknown to some, the Eden Hazard haircut has been on quite a journey over the years. Over time, Hazard’s style has got shorter and like his game on the pitch, has increased in sharpness.  As the proud hair product brand supported by a huge list of international and Premier League footballers, including Jack Grealish, Jamie Vardy, Jordan Pickford and many more, we wanted to bring you the timeline of the most popular Eden Hazard hair cuts.  At the begininng of his career back in 2005, Eden Hazard moved to France, beginning his professional career with Ligue 1 club, Lille. During this early period the Eden Hazard haircut was still somewhat short, but compared to today’s haircut some might say over grown. As time went on, we noticed Hazard haircut got shorter and at one point he even goes for an undercut.


Whilst earning Ligue 1 Young Player of the Year award and scoring 50 goals, Hazard impressed and made his move to Premier League club – Chelsea. At Chelsea Hazard took his short back and sides buzzcut haircut to the next level. Getting it shorter than ever before and leaving the Peaky Blinders style behind, Hazard gets noticed for now having a sharp mid skinfade, keeping the fringe cropped and blunt at the front (French crop).

Real Madrid

Whilst performing well at Chelsea, Hazard started collecting more awards and trophies winning the FA cup as well as the League Cup and Premier League, multiple times over. Whilst earning more credits with the Belgium national team, in 2019, Hazard makes the biggest move of his career to Real Madrid in Spain.

What Products do you use for the Eden Hazard Haircut?

Depending on what stage of his career you’re refering to, will depend on which product you need.

Early longer cut

Due to the thickness of Hazard’s hair, we recommend using a higher shine product when it’s longer. This keeps the hair looking healthier and keeps curlier hair under control. Frizz is the last thing you want to see so we recommend using the Hairbond Wonder Primer first and if you want that wetter look you will need the Hairbond Gripper Pomade.

Shorter buzzcut

As the haircut gets shorter, you can change up your product to something a bit more natural. For this style, keep away from shine products and nothing too heavy. We recommend using small amounts of the Hairbond Moulder, avoiding a wet or greasy look but creating that professional texture you want from a hair styling product.

Eden Hazard Undercut

Again the undercut means taking the sides and back lengths short but it also usually means the length on the top is long enough to style, either in a classic comb over fashion or simply slicked straigh back. For these styles we recommend working with the Hairbond Gripper.

Eden Hazard Skin fade

Similar to the buzzcut, for a cropped skin fade the hair on top which you want to style will be very short. You don’t want to weigh it down with a high shine product, so we recommend using small amounts of the Hairbond Moulder.