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Gareth Bale Haircut | Hairbond

Since finding himself at the top of his game at Real Madrid, we can see that the Gareth Bale haircut today actually has its own timeline.

It’s obvious that Bale has never been afraid of experimenting with different hairstyles, but today looks to be more settled and comfortable with a longer style. Over the years it’s just got longer and longer..

If you’re here looking for inspiration and thinking of basing your next hairstyle on the Gareth Bale haircut then theres only one place to start. That means if you haven’t already started, now is the time get growing! Depending on what style you want, your barber will do the rest.

Whether you prefer one of the earlier Gareth Bale haircuts with a short back and sides or you like the top knot / man bun style, keeping your medium/long length hair in top condition is going to be key.

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As a hairstyling brand which is proud to be supported from a huge list of Premier League and International football stars, a long list which includes Jack Grealish, Jordan Pickford, Ward-Prowse and Jamie Vardy, Hairbond has also received a number of player endorsements from Bale’s former club Tottenham, including players Harry Winks, Matt Doherty and the recently signed Italian goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini.

As experts in not only professional hair products but also footballers hair, we recommend looking after your hair and pre-styling with the Hairbond Wonder Professional Hair Primer.

Depending on your desired style and hair type, to get the best Gareth Bale hairstyle results we recommend using a product which offers some degree of shine. This will keep you looking slick and well groomed. Checkout the Hairbond Gripper or Hairbond Shaper to finish your final look.