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premier league footballer Joao Felix hairstyle cut haircut hairbond superI know that long length haircut, it’s the Joao Felix hairstyle. I’ve seen it in the Premier League and all over Instagram and Facebook. Today we visit how to style the Joao Felix haircut using mens hair products from the UK, Hairbond hair styling products.

Joao Felix Hair cut – Hair Length

Before you’re ready for the Joao Felix haircut, you have to make sure your hair is already long enough. 

The famous Joao Felix hairstyle belongs to the Portuguese football player Ronaldo “João” Luís Nazário de Lima, and has taken off recently in Portugal’s capital city Lisbon, as well as other cities across Europe where there are large populations of Brazilians. The Joao Felix haircut, you will see popular from Rio Grande do Sul state to Milan, Paris, London and Manchester in the UK. This Premier League hairstyle has everybody talking.

The Joao Felix haircut is the latest trend to sweep through Brazil. It transforms a natural hair type which is thick, curly, unruly and turns these manes into sleek waves with just a simple snip on the temples and round the ears that give off an elegant yet edgy style.

In order for it to work properly though, you have to invest in the right kinds of products beforehand or go back to your barber regularly for touch-ups as your hair starts growing out again, because frizzy curls will start popping up all over the place, if not professionally dealt with on a regular basis.

Styling the Joao Felix haircut

Joao Felix hairstyle mens hair

The wonder of the century. We deliver to you the Hairbond Wonder Primer.

It’s not just made for people with frizzy and coarse hair. We’re all about Barber supplies .. so this is what we live for.

A classy, premium range of products made and designed by barbers; for barbers. Whilst a go to British designer label for top barbershops, Hairbond Wonder Mask and Primer are both designed to be be used on all other types of locks, putting you back in control of your unruly hair.

This product has seven benefits and is perfect to get your hair in Premier League condition – especially for the iconic Joao Felix haircut.

To style, pump a few squirts of the Wonder primer into your hands, make sure your full palms are covered and begin to apply to damp or towel dry hair. The idea is that every hair gets some exposure to the formula so make sure you work it in every direction.

Once covered, use a hair dryer and a wide tooth comb or brush to shape and straighten out any natural tight curl. The finished result should be dry, slightly wavy and ready for a zero shine, matte product.

Joao Felix hairstyle haircut

We then recommend applying small amounts of the Hairbond Super to the roots to finish. This matte, mens hair wax will add natural volume so the final look isn’t completely flat.

This is a longer length haircut and most barbers will just use scissors to shape, unless they choose to use their clippers around the back and sides with a longer guard in order to neaten any edges.

This handy mens hair product duo from this British hair care brand, consisting of pre-styling with the Hairbond Wonder and finishing off with the Hairbond Super will have this long length haircut looking like a million bucks from morning until night!


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