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Greg Cunningham | Hairbond

greg cunningham pne hairbond hairPreston North End footballer Greg Cunningham currently plays as a left-back in the English Championship. Here he is with his favourite Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee.

He is known for his impressive performances on the field, as well as his unique sense of style, which includes his iconic hairstyle.

Greg Cunningham particularly loves the Hairbond Shaper Professional Hair Toffee, a styling product that is specifically designed to give hair a strong, flexible hold and a natural-looking shine.

Manufactured in order to keep your hair in place and looking great, even during the most demanding football matches, Cunningham also likes the fact that the Hairbond Toffee is easy to use and that it doesn’t leave any residue or buildup in his hair.

With Preston North End completely backing the Hairbond brand, we have seen endorsements from, Management Ryan Lowe and Paul Gallagher as well as Cunningham’s team mates Liam Lindsay, Freddie Woodman, Alan Browne, Ali McCann and Sean Maguire.

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